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Our Services

What we're good at


Collaboratively with the family we create an individualized therapy plan for the child. Each child is unique, with his own strengths and weakness. This is the reason why each plan is highly individualized and specifically created to answer the requests and needs of each family. Parents, teachers and all the caregivers involved in the life of the child are an integral part of the process. Your input is vital and integrated into the individualized therapy program, designed specifically for your child. A giraffe in the Hat is a team and the family is an integral part of making our team work!

Early childhood interventions

Early childhood is the most important period for brain development. Learning and development is most rapid and flexible during the early childhood. These early years establish how the child will learn and develop later in life. Providing high-quality intervention in the early childhood could modify radically the child’s outcomes and the chance for the child to develop an happy and fulfilled life. This is why it’s really crucial to intervene as soon as the parents or the teachers notice that something is not going in the expected direction. If you have any concerns about your child’s development, do not hesitate to contact a professional.

School and staff training

A successful intervention requires that all the figures involved with the child’s life collaborate together, each one with their own competencies and strengths. We can conduct observations in the child's classroom and provide guidance to the teachers, assistants, and other relevant staff. GH provide consultation in areas such as behavior management, effective teaching strategies, play behavior, teaching independence, and visual support systems. GH provide training to staff in their setting, like schools, homes, or centers.




If you navigate through the website, you can access to numerous informations. You can take advantage of these, and start to know us. If you have any questions you can always contact us, through the website, by phone or e-mail, and we will schedule a free 15 minutes phone call.

Contact us

To ask more informations or settle our first meeting contact us by e-mail or phone and we will schedule a free 15 mins phone call to understand if we can answer to your requests. During the call we will ask you some informations, to better understand your request and see if we can help you.

First interview

During our first meeting we will try to answer your questions, and we’ll ask you some informations to understand how can we help you. After the meeting you will receive a proposal for an assessment or a taking in charge. The proposal contains no obligations, and you can decide if you want to proceed.


What’s next?

After the first meeting it’s usually good to expect the following steps.


After the first meeting we will usually send you a proposal to answer your individual requests. It could be necessary to plan an observation of the child, usually at home and/or at school.


Following the observation we schedule an appointment to begin the assessment. During the assessment we will start to know your child, creating a fun and motivating setting. The main goal of the assessment is to enlighten his strengths and abilities, and assess the areas that need some help to develop.


As a result of the assessment we will send you a report, that describe the child strengths and competencies, and assess his challenges and areas of improvement. You will also find an extended explanation about an individualized treatment plan to address those areas.


Let’s start

After the completion of the assessment you can have a better idea of what to expect and how the intervention plan will look like. The intervention plan is always made in agreement with the parents, so you shouldn’t find any surprise, but you can always ask for further explanations. For us it’s important that both the parents and the child are motivated and happy. Our first rule is:

if it doesn’t bring you happiness, it’s not worth it!


Practical informations

Free 20-minute phone call
If you want more information about ABA therapy or A giraffe in the Hat you can always call us or send us an e-mail.


Bookings can be made sending an e-mail or a whatsapp, or by a phone call.
Cancellations that are not made at least 24-hours prior to an appointment will be fully charged.

Financial support
In some cases there are possibilities to get a part of your money back through PGB foundings, or private insurances. This is up to parents to arrange and A giraffe in the hat can’t give any rights to this information.


Languages spoken

English, Italian, French, Dutch (in progress).


ABA therapy session (60 min.): €70,00
First intake (1,5 hrs): €140,00
Assessment report + Treatment plan: €180,00
School or home observation (1,5 hrs): €150,00


At giraffe in the hat it’s possible to choose to pay by hour or buy single packages, with a convenient discount. See below all the packages available, or contact us for more informations.

  • Get started package
  • 56710% discount
    • First intake
    • School or home observation
    • 3 Assessment sessions
    • Assessment report and treatment plan
    • Final meeting with the parents

  • Get started complete package
  • 62515% discount
    • First intake
    • School or home observation
    • 3 Assessment sessions
    • Assessment report and treatment plan
    • Final meeting with the parents

  • Treatment package
  • 86410% discount
    • 8 session of 120 minutes
    • Update treatment plan
    • 1 follow up meeting with the parents (1hr)

  • Complete treatment package
  • 112215% discount
    • 12 session of 120 minutes
    • Update treatment plan
    • 1 follow up meeting with the parents (1hr)